A few words from our clients


We called Tony as soon as we got our very expensive pre-lit out of the
box on the day after Thanksgiving as half the lights were not working.
My husband had tried to fix it but we were both pulling our hair out.
We got Tony's name and number and he came out within a couple of days
and got it running perfectly again in about an hour. We are Christmas
nuts and we like to say "He saved our Christmas!!" Definitely call him.
I will bet he can fix it!! What a relief!

~ Kerry Colwell ~
West Des Moines, Iowa

We contacted ChristmasTreeRepair the day after Thanksgiving when we
put up our pre lit Christmas tree only to discover that hundreds of
lights were not working. My husband and I were certain we would need
to purchase another tree to replace our current tree ~ we even went
out shopping for one.  Needless to say, the pre lit trees we were
interested in were completely sold out.  Tony from ChristmasTreeRepair
contacted us the next day and he was able to assess our situation
immediately.  Much to our surprise, Tony was able to repair our tree
that day! He had given us an initial quote and honored that price even
after the job took longer and required more light changes. The service
was professional and an excellent value. We will certainly use
ChristmasTreeRepair again.

~ A Satisfied Customer ~

We put up our prelit Christmas tree early in December, and it seemed
to be working fine.  About a week later, we noticed that there were a
bunch of lights out all around the middle about half way up the tree.
Shortly thereafter, the lights at the top of the tree went out.  We
tried to fix it ourselves, but were unable to do so.  We figured that
we would have to buy a new tree for next year.  We left it up until
Christmas, but then took it down because it looked pretty awful.  We
went to Seasonal Concepts the week after Christmas thinking that maybe
we could get a new tree on sale, but there was nothing there that
appealed to us, and also, they were still very expensive even on sale.
As we were leaving, we saw a note on the door advertising Christmas
tree repair.  I checked on the webpage mentioned, sent an email
describing our problems, and received an email back right away.  We
agreed on a price to repair the tree, Tony came from Altoona to Ames
and picked the tree up, kept it for a week or so, called and said that
it was fixed, and that he would bring it back at a time that we agreed
on.  The price was right and the service was excellent.  We were very
satisfied with the experience that we had, and I would recommend it to
others who may be having problems with their tree.

~ Jim Stephenson ~
Ames, Iowa

After spending several frustrating and unsuccessful hours trying to
find the cause of an unlit portion of my pre-lit Christmas tree, I
contacted ChristmasTreeRepair.com and was extremely pleased with the
fast response, availability, and dedication to completing the job that
has my Christmas tree shining bright this year.

~ A Satisfied Customer ~

Thank you for your prompt response and great service for our 5 year
old lighted christmas tree.  We thought it was probably shot and
considered buying a new one.  After your service call I was amazed at
how quickly you fixed everything.  I think we will be having you out
for the start of each Christmas season to get our tree up and running.
Happy holidays to you and your family.

~ Marty and Linda A. ~

Tony promptly responded to my e-mail requesting an estimate and we set
up an appointment.  Tony came to my home as promised and got my
pre-lit Christmas tree back in working order.  I would definitely
recommend his service to any of my friends.

~ Pam B. ~
West Des Moines, IA

My husband had the dreaded "fix the Christmas tree lights" duty.  I
had read about this service in the newspaper and after more than 2
hours of struggling with multiple unlit branches, my husband suggested
(or was that pleaded?) that we try it.  Not only did Tony save us from
having to buy a new tree, he saved us from the aggravation of trying
to fix it ourselves at a very busy time of year.  Tony fixed the
branches that weren't working and then replaced all the burned out
bulbs he could find on the remainder of the tree quickly and
courteously.  What a great idea!

~ Linda Krypel ~

Hooray!  My Christmas tree is twinkling again!  I was about to throw
out my lights-already-on artificial tree even though it was not that
old.  I was so tired of having sections of lights go out.  And I
wanted some different colored lights on it anyway.  But no need for
such drastic measures!  ChristmastreeRepair to the rescue!  Tony was
helpful, calm and totally got me back in the Christmas spirit!  A

~ Jane ~
Des Moines, IA

I would like to say thank you for the repair on the Christmas Tree
branches that were out.  It was a small price to pay compared to the
purchase of a new pre-lit christmas tree.  We hated to give up the
tree that we had enjoyed for so many years.  We received the tree back
within a week, in excellent working condition, without the expense of
a new tree purchase.  Mailing the tree to be repaired was easier and
faster than I had thought it would be.  I feel like I not only saved
money from buying a new tree, but was 'Green' in saving it from the
junkyard.   I would recommend your service to anyone who has a pre-lit
tree that goes out, and doesn't want to get rid of it

~ Steve ~
Winfield, IL

ChristmasTreeRepair.com saved our Christmas this year when a section
of our 4 year old, pre-lit Christmas Tree refused to light.  We spent
an afternoon trying to troubleshoot the problem, with no success and a
lot of frustration.  After contacting ChristmasTreeRepair.com and
getting a very reasonable quote, I shipped the tree section out the
next day.  It was repaired and delivered back to me within a week!
Great service and at a reasonable cost.  Sure beats investing in a new
expensive tree.

 ~ Linda and Mark M. ~
Columbus, Ohio

I didn’t discover you were in Iowa until after I had emailed the form. When I realized you were not local, I knew you couldn’t physically help me. That being said, most people would not have responded much less offer a solution. I genuinely appreciate your efforts and kindness in doing so. Wishing you continued success as well as a happy, healthy, prosperous and fulfilling year to come.

~ Gary R.~

Lakewood Ranch, FL