We do everything except put on your ornaments
(although we can do that, too)!

Decorating the Christmas tree is a tradition for many families, but the work to set it up, get the branches ready, and take it down after the holiday season is a lot of work. There's hauling it out of storage, fluffing the branches, and then the dreaded "one light goes out, they all go out" issue.

We at ChristmasTreeRepair.com are here to help. We can set up the tree, make sure everything is plugged in where it should be, arrange the branches just so, and even take it down after the holiday season. And those burnt out lights? No problem! We can fix most issues, from burnt out bulbs to wonky wiring.

You've already got an infinitely long to-do list during the holidays, why not let us help you take one thing off the list, and eliminate the aggravation of having to fix burnt out lights? Click below to check out exactly what we do, read what others have said about us, or request a free quote.